The Deep Dive Anthology

British Literature II--Fall 2020

Students in British Literature II during Fall 2020 served as the initial contributors to the Deep Dive Anthology Project. Thanks to them for taking the project on its trial run! The students researched British literature from 1780-1900 to identify distinctive pieces (mostly poetry) that are off the beaten path canonically--either lesser-known pieces by well-known authors or pieces by authors who may not be widely known. Once deciding on a selection, they wrote introductory material, annotated the text, identified helpful resources, and located contemporary or near-contemporary images. You can see the results of their studies below.

Jonathan E.: Thomas Hood (1799-1845), "Ode to Melancholy"
Thaxton G.: Robert Stephen Hawker (1803-1875), "Down with the Church"
Madison G.: Francis Thompson (1859-1907), "To a Poet Breaking Silence"
Aletheia H.: Jane Cave (1754?-1812), "The Woman's Ornament"
Joshua H.: Ernest Christopher Dowson (1867-1900), "A Last Word"
Erika K.: William Barnes (1801-1866), "Our Beth'place"
Dustin P.: Robert Stephen Hawker (1803-1875), "Morwenna Statio"
Christina Q: Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley (1797-1851), "The Choice"
Aria S.: William Butler Yeats (1865-1939), "Cú Chulainn's Fight with the Sea"
Kylie S.: Eliza Acton (1799-1859), Preface to Modern Cookery for Private Families
Abigail V.: Amelia Opie (1769-1853), "Secret Love"
Katie Y.: Mary Leman Grimstone (1796-1869), "The Poor Woman’s Appeal to Her Husband"
Kara Y.: Caroline Clive (1801-1873), "The Queen's Ball"

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